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Where do you start when finding the best and cheapest airfare or hotel room? It is quite unlikely that you will find them by visiting each airline’s or hotel’s website and then having to compare prices. You probably use a service like Momondo, Trivago or that does work for you in a matter of seconds.

This kind of service we use not only to find flights, but also when we need to find cleaning, craftsmen, insurance etc. But when it comes to loans, this kind of service is not available in Denmark before Wednesday, May 3, 2017, where Lazarillo de Tormes went into the air.

Apply to each bank

Apply to each bank

Before Lazarillo de Tormes, you as an applicant should fill out an application with each bank if you would like to compare several specific loan offers – whether it was a collective loan, quick loan or consumer loan. On many comparison sites, (and still is) the lid with cheap interest rates was hoping to gain the applicant’s attention. The truth is, these rates very rarely reflected the rate of interest actually offered.

So why is Lazarillo de Tormes smart? Well, we do the work for you and save you a lot of time and money. You only fill in one application at Lazarillo de, which is automatically sent out to the banks, who return with personal and specific loan offers. All your loan offers are easily and easily compared. You choose the best loan, after which the bank transfers the money directly to your account.

Saved Danes for more than 12,000 on average.

Saved Danes for more than 12,000 on average.

At Lazarillo de Tormes we save the users for a lot of time and in many cases also for a lot of money. An inventory shows that we have on average saved the users for more than DKK 12,000 the first year. This means that the individual customers have saved several thousand dollars just by obtaining more loan offers. Savings like these just testify why one should always obtain offers from several banks.

From 2 to 5 lenders

When Lazarillo de Tormes returned in May 2017 the start button was two banks on the platform. The first two banks were Resurs Bank and Basisbank. It wasn’t long before we could present Ekspress Bank as the third bank on the platform. After a few months of intense work, Lazarillo de Tormes went into the air with the fourth lender, which was Nordea Finans. PenSam Bank came on the platform as the fifth lender in April 2018. We look forward to presenting more during 2018.

Spread the message on TV

Spread the message on TV

We are proud of our concept and for having helped thousands of Danes save time and money. Therefore, we decided to spread the good news to a larger part of the Danish population. This happened partly because in March 2018 we went to national TV for the first time. The TV spot was an animation video that explained the whole Lazarillo de Tormes concept in an easy and straightforward way and with our slogan “Loans smart – let the banks come to you”.

What comes 2018 to offer

It is always difficult to predict the future, but we expect to be able to present several new competitive lenders and products during 2018. In addition, we are constantly working to make the platform and our customer service even better so that we can continue to get 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook.

As I said, it has gone strong the first year. This means, among other things, that we have become too big for our current office, which is out at Copenhagen Fintech Lab. So we look forward to opening the doors to our new office during the month of June.

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